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Customizable Automatic Infeed Station for TigerStop Saws

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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

TigerStop’s AutoLoader, an automatic infeed station for the TigerSaw 2000 fully automated cross-cutting saw system for metal, is now compatible with TigerStop and TigerTurbo automated material pushers and positioners. New and existing equipment on flat, non-tilted tables can be upgraded to include the automatic infeed stations.

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Using the AutoLoader, an operator can load five pieces of stock at a time, reducing manual material-handling time and increasing operator capacity for performing value-added tasks, such as offloading and sorting finished parts. For additional efficiency, a TigerStop printer can be paired with the AutoLoader so that cut parts can be label-printed, thus facilitating rapid and accurate part sorting.

The AutoLoader can accommodate material from 4 to 30 ft. long and be configured with as many as seven stations with section lengths in either 3- or 6-ft. intervals.

TigerStop: www.tigerstop.com


As seen in Fabricating Product News: Tiger Stop LLC