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Customizable Grippers for Collaborative Robot Arms

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Monday, April 10, 2017

On Robot, with U.S. offices in Charlotte, NC, has debuted its two-finger RG2 grippers, available in both single and dual versions that mount easily on the arms of cobots (collaborative robots) without any external wires. For robots that have infinite rotation of the last joint, the lack of external wires enables enhanced flexibility and productivity. The RG2 grippers can be programmed directly from the same interface as the robot, and the gripper can be modified without previous programming experience, making them ideal for cobot users, according to company officials.

“User-friendly robot arms need user-friendly grippers, and until RG2, the ease-of-use and flexibility required just wasn’t available,” says Torben Ekvall, On Robot CEO. “Most traditional grippers work by using compressed air, which takes up a lot of space, is energy-intensive and is far too complicated for many users. On Robot’s RG2 is an electronic solution that is easy to mount, is very flexible and can be modified by an operator on the factory floor without the assistance of an engineer. This ease of use will help speed development for an increasing number of manufacturers’ applications.”

With angle mounting from 0 to 180 deg. in 30-deg. steps in both the single- and dual-gripper setup, the gripper ensures great flexibility and adaptability for comprehensive tasks. And, the gripper fingers support the use of customized fingertips, which can be designed by end users to fit production requirements.