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Simplified Offline Robot Programming

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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Hypertherm has launched Robotmaster V7, a task-based robot programming platform built from scratch on completely new architecture, according to company officials. The new standalone version reportedly enables simple and intuitive robot programming, even for first-time robot users, building off of Robotmaster’s offline-programming CAD/CAM software first introduced in 2002.

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To create this new architecture, Hypertherm’s Robotic Software group, the developers of Robotmaster, added mathematical-optimization experts to its team, bringing added expertise in artificial intelligence and deep machine learning, as well as simulation and game experts well-versed in user interaction.

The software can be used by welding, cutting and other process experts without buying or learning CAD/CAM software. As with previous versions, Robotmaster V7 imports paths, but now makes easier for users to leverage any CAD/CAM tool choice, according to company officials.

“Robotics and CAD/CAM expertise are not a prerequisite to create error-free robot programs with Robotmaster V7 since it is a task-based robot programming platform built around the user, for the user,” says Chahe Bakmazjian, Hypertherm’s head of strategy for robotic software. “Robotmaster V7 also has unmatched flexibility and configurability and transfers the job to another robot brand or workcell, without task reprogramming.”

The new software release targets automatic integrated welding and contour programming, including trimming, cutting, dispensing and deburring, as well as drilling and fastening. It navigates complex part geometries and optimizes robot paths while synchronizing movements and preventing collisions between one or more robots, parts and tooling. Subsequent modules will enable additional tasks, including surfacing, 3D milling, additive manufacturing and inspection. The current version of Robotmaster offers support for these applications; however, once V7 support is available for these applications, they reportedly will be more automated and easier to use.


As seen in Fabricating Product News: Hypertherm, Inc.