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Plasma Beveling System Increases Productivity, Reliability and Safety with a Modern, Compact Design

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products introduces the DMX automated plasma beveler, a next-generation beveling system delivering significant performance improvement through a simple, compact design. The DMX beveler cuts the full range of weld preparations, including V, Y, X and K bevels, with cut angles to 45 deg. on mild-steel plate to 50 mm thick. The beveler is complemented by the release of Esab’s new SmartBevel technology, which includes all of the required geometric compensations necessary to cut the bevels.

The machine employs a new approach to providing five-axis motion, using direct-drive motors to reduce complexity, eliminate the need for breakaway crash protection, and deliver responsive, accurate positioning. The design eliminates gearboxes, belts, pulleys, limit switches and exposed cables. As a result, the machine can absorb and detect a torch crash without any added components, as well as automatically reset after a collision without the operator touching the torch or climbing on the cutting table to do so.

Says Steve Zlotnicki, global product manager, Esab Cutting Systems: “Direct-drive motor technology provides extremely accurate positioning with zero backlash, and it handles rapid directional changes.”

Reducing the size and weight of the bevel head has additional advantages. The DMX reportedly is significantly smaller and lighter than traditional plasma-bevel heads, so it can be mounted on smaller gantries, making bevel cutting more affordable and saving valuable floor space. The unit also uses compound motion to provide beveling in any direction, with no rotation limit, eliminating the need to unwind the torch leads or preposition the head, optimizing cycle time and productivity.

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products: www.esab-cutting.com/dmx


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