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Press Brakes Provide Bending Flexibility

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

LVD Strippit has added the ToolCell 220/30 Plus and ToolCell 220/40 Plus to its line of ToolCell automated tool-changing press brakes. The new Plus models handle bend lengths of 120 in. and 157 in., deliver to 240 tons of bending force, and provide these benefits:

  • Automatic setup. The hydraulic press brake features an integrated tool changer and tool-storage system for the automatic selection and placement of tooling. While the operator prepares parts for the next job, the machine unloads the previous tool setup and loads the next setup. The tool-storage system offers a flexible tooling configuration for specific application requirements.
  • Increased open height. The press brakes have a standard open height of 22.4 in. with a stroke of 11.8 in. This can be enhanced to an opening of 26.4 in. and a stroke of 15.7 in. The increased open height allows for the bending of a wider range of parts. Further, the taller profile tooling allows for bending of parts with higher flanges.
  • In-process angle control. The Easy-Form laser adaptive bending system, standard on all ToolCell models, provides in-process angle monitoring via laser scanners located on the front and back of the press-brake table. The system transmits information in real time to the CNC control, which adjusts to material variations to ensure the correct angle without interrupting the bending process.
  • Industry 4.0-ready. The Touch-B control is linked to a central CadMan database where all production-relevant data are stored, enabling the digital transfer of production data from management systems to the shop floor. Communication to management, planning, production, quotation, costing and other external software modules is handled via a standardized open interface.

LVD Strippit: www.lvdgroup.com


As seen in Fabricating Product News: LVD-Strippit, Inc.