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New Family of Servo-Hydraulic Press Brakes

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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Six months after new owner Right Lane Industries LLC acquired Pacific Press Technologies, the company used FABTECH 2017 to launch its Blaise family of servo-hydraulic press brakes. A working 175-ton model, with a 12-ft. ram, produced mobile-phone/business-card holders to showcase some of its bending capabilities for visitors.

The Blaise family offers capacities of 175, 250 and 350 tons with maximum bending lengths of 10, 12 and 14 ft. These press brakes feature industry-standard Delam CNC controllers.

To maximize machine uptime, the company has integrated components with a proven history of high mean-time between failure from its larger press brakes into the Blaise line, backed by the company’s rapid-response, Illinois-based service team. And, as the company’s founders leveraged their knowledge in developing hydraulic technologies for U.S. Navy jets to construct metal-shaping systems, the Blaise line was created to enable the user to experience a fighter-jet-cockpit operation. This is accomplished by attaching the controller to a pendent arm, where the user interface comes to the operator. Through the interface, drawings can be uploaded via the shop’s network, resulting in job-changeover efficiencies, especially for smaller batch runs.

To accomplish minimized ram deflection and its contribution to variances, hydraulic cylinders are trunnion-mounted, resulting in a lesser degree of freedom. Also, this mounting design moves the cylinders toward the center of the ram, which increases bend reproducibility.

Other machine features include two-stage ram drop speed to reduce bending time and shorten higher-quantity runs; standard tooling attachments and quick-change-tooling compatibility; and a multi-axis (as many as five axes) backgauge.

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Pacific Press Technologies: www.pacific-press.com


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