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Quiet High-Speed Press Brake with Automated Part Handling

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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

MC Machinery, at FABTECH, tied automated part handling to its quiet model BB4013 electric press brake, featuring an AC servo motor and ballscrew mechanism to deliver high speed and repeatability—to ±0.001 mm.


Its ram-shaft drive enables high-speed movement at 100 mm/sec. with high ram repeat-stop accuracy. A 15-in. color Windows-based touchscreen control enables simple, rapid programming. Offline 3D programming is available as well, with all imagery appearing at the control.

The company also showcased a part-handling robot tied to the brake to illustrate hands-free operation; and its model SR-F fiber-laser-cutting machine, available in 2- and 3-kW capacities. The entry-level machine offers standard features such as Mitsubishi's Motion-Cut and Eco-Mode technologies as well as auto focusing.

MC Machinery Systems, Inc.: www.mcmachinery.com


As seen in Fabricating Product News: MC Machinery Systems