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Small, Oval and Extremely Nimble Friction Cups Ideal for Destacking

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Serving an increasing number of specialist applications, Piab has introduced new families to its already broad range of friction cups, in a variety of shapes, sizes and configurations. Available in four different sizes, the new BXF family comprises a total of 36 cups, all featuring additional bellows to offer improved level-compensation performance. As a result, the cups prove simple to program for destacking applications, where storage-rack position (of sheets or other objects) may vary. Offering extra flexibility, the bellows make the BXF friction cups forgiving when they pick objects, allowing for the variations often seen in auto-racking applications. The flexible and nimble cups eliminate, say company officials, the need for expensive and cumbersome spring brackets/plungers fitted to ejectors or robot end-of-arm tools.

Small, oval-shaped friction cups also are the star performers of two other new families introduced by Piab. Featuring either zero or one bellows, the OBF/OCF families’ smallest members measure only 15 by 35 mm and are available in high and low configurations to enable a safe and secure grip on very small surfaces. This allows the cups to lift and handle objects by their edges where the cups’ unusual shapes maximize suction area. The OCF family’s flat, bellows-less cups offer less inner movement for applications that require optimal stability.

Piab: www.piab.com