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Customizable, Easy-to-Maneuver Dust/Fume Collector

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Imperial Systems Inc. introduces the Shadow portable dust and fume collector, loaded with many of the features of the firm’s full-sized CMaxx units, including DeltaMaxx nanofiber filters and powerful pulse cleaning. Designed with input from the company’s inhouse welders and metalworkers, Shadow units also have the option of adding a HEPA filter for optimum filtration.

Welders who need a flexible, efficient fume arm can outfit the unit with a 6- or 8-in.-dia. arm, or with two 4-in. arms. Fume-arm length also can be customized. In addition, fume arms are available in high-temperature materials if the application requires it.

Imperial Systems: www.isystemsweb.com/portable-fume-extraction



As seen in Fabricating Product News: Imperial Systems, Inc.