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Ambient Air-Quality System Eliminates Expensive Ductwork

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Ambient air filtration just got a little easier, thanks to the new RoboVent Vista360 ductless, ceiling-mounted dust collector. The unit combines the power and effectiveness of a traditional push-pull dust-collection system with the ease and flexibility of a stand-alone collector. Using multiple collectors, Vista360 creates circular air patterns in a facility that continually pulls contaminated air into the filtration unit, and pushes clean, filtered air back into the plant—very much like traditional, ducted push-pull systems. However, since it does not require a ductwork system, it is easier to install, reconfigure and maintain. Use it to capture fumes and dust from manual welding, metalworking and other industrial applications.



As seen in Fabricating Product News: RoboVent