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Small-Footprint Automated Ship Profiler

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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The new UPC 450 ship profiler, available through HGG Profiling Equipment, reportedly increases cutting and pre-fabrication productivity by eliminating the need to cut ship stiffeners and spools by hand. The machine combines ship-stiffener cutting and 3D-profile cutting with optional tube cutting, and its small footprint saves floor space.

The ship profiler offers full process-cutting integration through the HGG ProCam software suite, integrating thermal cutting design via HGG ProCad and work-preparation coordination through HGG ProGram, and also utilizing HGG’s 3D-plasma-cutting intelligence. The end result: precision stiffener and tubular spool cutting that reduces fitting and welding time, according to company officials.

Users can load material on a cutting table and then quickly cut it within the cutting cell, cutting ship stiffener profiles from flat bars, bulbs, and angles, and cut spools from tubular pipes. The cutting cell includes a cutting trolley that controls all movement and HGG’s patented cutting head and biaxial cutting torch, To maximize health and safety, the machine includes two fume-extraction modules.

HGG: www.hgg-group.com


As seen in Fabricating Product News: HGG Profiling B.V.