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Fiber-Laser Cutter With Integrated Rotary Axis

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Bystronic, Inc.’s Bystar Fiber laser cutter can now be equipped with an integrated rotary axis to simplify the laser cutting of tubes. With this upgrade, the operator inserts the tubes to be processed through a hatch on the side of the machine housing or directly through the sliding door on the long side of the machine. The sliding door on the long side of the cutting area provides operators with unlimited access to parts being processed. This facilitates set-up for tube processing jobs and the unloading of the completed cut parts. The rotary axis enables the processing of tubes with 1.25- to 12.5-in. Dia. and in a variety of lengths. For tubes as long as 10 ft., a detachable rotary axis upgrade is available. And for tubes to 20 ft. in length, users can expand the rotary axis box with an additional extension box. The tube-cutting software module allows users to design parts for tube processing, input existing CAD files and edit them.

Bystronic, Inc: www.bystronicusa.com


As seen in Fabricating Product News: Bystronic Inc.