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Oxyfuel-Cutting Torch Offers Greater Flow Capacity, User-Friendly Functions and Field-Repairable Design

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Victor introduces its Victor Plus cutting torch, a heavy-duty, high-capacity combination torch that features the new CA 2460+ cutting attachment and WH 315FC+ handle. The WH 315FC+ handle incorporates built-in flashback arrestors and reverse-flow check valves, and its design enables high gas-flow capacity. It can run up to a size #15 MFA heating nozzle, where the standard 315 handle could run up to a size #8. The CA 2460+ cutting attachment features a contoured cutting-oxygen lever for ideal ergonomics, and the torch head is of thick brass to improve abrasion resistance. The CA 2460+ and WH 315FC+ will become featured components in Victor’s Journeyman and Performer heavy-duty torch outfits, along with Victor Edge 2.0 regulators.

Also new: the WH 315FC+ handle now incorporates markings that help less-experienced users, including markings for fuel- and oxygen-hose connections and directional arrows for “open” and “close” on the valves. The valves feature new contouring that makes them easier to grip and turn with a gloved hand, and the valves seat more positively. The new handle is 0.6 in. shorter and uses 11 percent less material by weight than earlier versions, improving the feel and balance while reducing fatigue.

Victor: www.esabna.com


As seen in Fabricating Product News: Victor Technologies Group, Inc.