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CNC Plasma-Cutting Machine

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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Park Industries debuted its Kano HD CNC plasma-cutting machine FABTECH, promising bidirectional positional accuracy within ±0.004 in. and repeatability within ±0.001 in.


The powerful drive system delivers repositioning at 160-mG acceleration and 1800-in./min. rapid-traverse speed. The 600-in./min. Z-axis lifter speed optimizes productivity using Hypertherm's Rapid Part Technology.

The Kano HD unitized machine base and gantry beam are heavy steel weldments configured with a Hypertherm Edge Connect CNC and a Hypertherm HPRXD or XPR300 high-definition plasma system for production cutting to 2 in. thick. Also included: Park's TracKlean self-cleaning downdraft air table, with load capacity to 7400 lb.

Park Industries: www.parkindustries.com


As seen in Fabricating Product News: Park Industries, Inc.