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Alluvial Garnet Abrasives for Waterjet Cutting, Surface Prep

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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Barton International introduces its Alltek line of high-performance alluvial garnet abrasives for waterjet cutting and surface preparation. The line includes the HPA brand and is made from alluvial garnet globally sourced and processed to Barton’s standards.

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Alltek joins the company’s flagship Adirondack garnet abrasives and the economical, domestically sourced Ecotek waterjet abrasives introduced earlier this year.

“Alltek is ideal for jobs that do not require the ultra-high performance of our exclusive Adirondack garnet,” says R. Randolph Rapple, Barton International president. “This line of garnet abrasives combines excellent blasting and abrasive-waterjet-cutting performance with outstanding economy.”

Alltek is available in two HPA grades: 60 HPA, when cutting speed is of primary importance; and 80 HPA, a versatile waterjet abrasive that provides good edge quality and solid cutting performance. For blasting, 30/60 Plus is a workhorse grade used for new steel and maintenance work on coatings in thicknesses to 20 mils; and 80 HPA is ideal for steel, aluminum and other sensitive substrates.

Barton International: www.barton.com