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Four-Gear Portable Magnetic Drill

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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The new MABasic 850 from CS Unitec, Norwalk, CT, is a professional-grade portable magnetic drill designed for continuous use. The 16-A, double-insulated motor has a four-speed gearbox–110, 175, 245, 385 rpm–for demanding applications requiring high power.

Compact and portable, the drill cuts holes to 3-1/16-in. dia. with annular cutters. Its MT3 design, coupled with the included ¾-in. geared chuck, converts the MABasic 850 to a standard drill press with a 10-in. stroke for conventional twist drilling to 1-1/4-in. dia. The drill is equipped with an internal lubrication system that increases the life of annular cutters by reducing friction and wear. And, its magnet has a holding strength of 6000 lb.



As seen in Fabricating Product News: CS Unitec, Inc.