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High-Speed Electronic Weld Head for Miniature Parts

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Amada Miyachi America Inc., Monrovia, CA, offers the Series 300 electronic weld head, which provides a precisely controlled weld-force profile ideal for welding miniature parts. The weld head enables as many as 3 welds/sec., with programmable force and weld positions, excellent force and position repeatability, and displacement monitoring. Ideal for safety-critical applications, it finds use in welding medical devices, automotive sensors and switches, reed switches, and coil-termination as well as electronic components.

Comprised of a newly redesigned linear magnetic-force actuator and a microprocessor-based electronic control, the weld head can provide differing force in each schedule, making it ideal for force-on-the-fly applications. By showing actual displacement with 0.0001-in. resolution, the Series 300’s graphical screen allows the user to fine-tune weld time, follow-up force and weld-energy relationships between the weld head and the external welding power supply. The built-in displacement-monitoring feature can be used to optimize the weld and isolate potential quality problems.

Available in both inline (301H/115-V or 230-V) and offset (302H/115-V or 230-V) models, the Series 300 high speed electronic weld head comes with a variety of useful accessories, including bench mount kits, stands, a foot switch and displacement-sensor mounting brackets.

Amada Miyachi America: www.amadamiyachi.com