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Solid Welding Wire Reduces Rework

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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

At FABTECH 2017, ESAB Welding and Cutting Products debuted Purus 42, a solid wire available in diameters from 0.030 in. to 0.062 in. The wire can reduce post-weld cleaning time and unplanned downtime associated with spatter, reduce or eliminate downtime for removing silica islands in multi-pass welding, and reduce or eliminate paint-related quality issues. New metallurgy enables Purus, classified as an AWS ER70S-6 EN/ISO G3Si1 wire, to reduce formation of silica islands so that slag self-releases or easily brushes off. The wire is available as a bare wire or with a copper coating.

Purus reportedly is ideal for high-volume semi-automatic and robotic applications, with Esab officials noting that one manufacturer of construction equipment reduced arc-ignition errors by 66 percent in multi-pass applications when using the wire. Previously, according to a company official, excess silica islands prevented positive arc ignition, and when this occurred, the manufacturer needed to shut down the robotic-welding station, spending an average of 3 min. to clean the silica islands. Given the station’s hourly rate of $280, each stop cost $14.

Purus meets all the technical requirements for an S-6 wire, enabling users to change wires without requalification, and offers batch-to-batch consistency due to tight control of element ingredients. The wire also provides good wetting so that the weld puddle flows well and with a smooth transition at the weld toe. And, by creating a good bead profile and surface appearance, it can reduce or eliminate the need for gas-tungsten-arc dressing or grinding to remove stress concentrations.

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