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Robotic-Welding Power Source

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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

In its expansive FABTECH real estate, Lincoln Electric unveiled the Power Wave R450 for high-performance robotic welding. Rated for 450 amps at 100-percent duty cycle, the robotic-welding power source is equipped with Lincoln Electric’s Waveform Control Technology featuring a comprehensive portfolio of welding modes, including gas-metal-arc, gas-tungsten-arc, flux-core, and advanced pulse modes specific for nickel, stainless and low- and high-alloy steel as thin as 0.6 mm.

The power source delivers rapid travel speeds, low spatter generation and high gap-bridging capability, and is ideal for automotive, heavy-fabrication and general-fabrication environments.

The Power Wave R450 features the ArcLink robotic-communications interface, which provides plug-and-play capability with leading robot manufacturers. It also provides Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing welding operations to quickly access and track essential welding data with Lincoln Electric’s CheckPoint production-monitoring software.

Lincoln Electric: www.lincolnelectric.com


As seen in Fabricating Product News: Lincoln Electric Co.