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Compact, Mechanized Welding Carriage

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Koike Aronson, a manufacturer of metal-cutting and positioning equipment, has introduced the Wel-Handy Mini Strong compact, mechanized welding carriage. The machine, a smaller version of the firm’s Wel-Handy Multi welding carriage, performs mechanized fillet-joint welding without the need for a track. The unit’s all-wheel drive, magnetic-force traction provides excellent pulling power and constant speeds on horizontal and vertical surfaces without any loss of accuracy. Because there are no tracks, setup and operation are simple. The Wel-Handy Mini Strong weighs only 18 lb. and can pull a payload weight of 35 lb.; limit switches automatically stop the unit at the desired spot.

Koike Aronson, Inc.: www.koike.com


As seen in Fabricating Product News: Koike Aronson Inc.